Civil service overhaul

Here’s a line from a recent article by Harold Mitchell writing in the Sydney Morning Herald on club mentality in the civil service… If we just keep swapping jobs around among the boys, before we know where we are, the world will have gone past us and the boys won’t care.  The lament is not … Continue reading

What it takes to be a profitable farmer

A friend of mine grew up on a farm. After a career in the corporate world he is thinking of returning to the land by buying a property and running some cattle. Being very aware of the necessity for commercial viability he asked what I thought made a profitable farmer. There is much irony in this … Continue reading

Sounds Crazy #12 | Fossil fuel subsidies

Here’s a thing. Why would you have any international agreement to reduce carbon emissions when governments across the globe are spending 8.5% of tax revenue on fossil fuel subsidies? Allow yourself to imagine that you come from a nation where the per capita emissions was less than the global average of around 4.5 tCO2e — … Continue reading

Sayre’s law now applies to politics

Wallace Stanley Sayre (1905–1972) was a U.S. political scientist and professor at Columbia University who came up with the following law of human nature: “In any dispute the intensity of feeling is inversely proportional to the value of the issues at stake.” Smart fellow to notice the universality that when it doesn’t matter, we get … Continue reading

Must watch satire…

As regular readers would know, Alloporus is about original posts, but this piece is a must. It is satire at its very best — funny and hugely uncomfortable at the same time. Check out “the most honest corporate ad I have ever seen‘ Watch the eyes!  

Warrior 2

  It took many days returning to the shade of the Acacia. Dust fogged the horizon and silt found the folds of fingertips. A branch had fallen, its leaves fermenting in the goats stomach as the timber warmed the warrior’s bones against the night air. A grub crawled out from the severed bough and shrivelled … Continue reading


The desert bakes the feet of the brave warrior even in the shade of the acacia. A waft of thick air brings a strange scent, somehow fresh and made of vibrant colour. Our warrior turns toward the smell and an urge comes to stride out. Instinct draws feet forward ever faster as clean air banishes … Continue reading


In the modern world people need jobs. Employment gives us a source of income so that we can pay bills, make a home and bring up kids. We take this as both fact and inevitable, for most of us will be short a lottery win or, lamentably, independent means It was not always like this. … Continue reading


Have you ever stared at a blank page and wondered how on earth you will ever fill it with words? Yes, it has happened to us all. Maybe it was a long time ago in the exam hall, or perhaps more recently in front of the computer as the icy cold keyboard repels your fingertips. … Continue reading

Away team

The instant a photon torpedo rents the hull of the USS Enterprise, the explosion ejects hapless crew members into the vacuum of space. Red and blue arms spiral over black booted legs into the ether. It is always a haunting image that mixes death with vast emptiness. And yet there are worse ways to go. … Continue reading