Barry O’Farrell resigns as NSW premier

So there we have it. After 7 years as leader of the opposition waiting for his tilt at the top job, Barry O’Farrell lasted three years as premier. Forced to resign for misleading the Independent Commission Against Corruption because he obviously did receive a $3,000 bottle of wine as a ‘gift’ after all. This is … Continue reading


  I can’t get this image out of my head. A road in the outback and a young aboriginal kid in western clothes bashes the long grass on the verge with a big stick. He is trying, along with his mates, to flush a goanna all under the watchful eye of an elder. The hunted … Continue reading

Ask Alloporus

It has been a quiet spell on the Alloporus blog but you’ll be pleased to know it is not for want of healthy thinking. Although I sometimes wonder if thinking isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be. A day or two without it would be glorious. In blatant ignorance of all blogging rules here … Continue reading

Sounds crazy series summary #1

Well in a blink we have reached double figures in the Alloporus ‘Sounds Crazy’ series and, as the headlines suggest, we have covered wild craziness territory. There is plenty of lunacy out there, especially in the unfathomable worlds of policy, planning and bureaucracy. The series could run for many more episodes without the need to … Continue reading

Sounds Crazy #9 | Bandwidth

Back in my academic days we were not allowed to spend any University money on coffee and tea. I would ask politely why I couldn’t create a more convivial workplace by providing free beverages for my postgrad students and research assistants only to be told it was not allowed. Even in the department tearoom there … Continue reading

The Kardashian Index

Take a look at this graphic. It records the number of two somewhat related terms — climate change and food security — appear in Google searches. The data is for the number of searches over time presented as relative to the peak number of searches that in this case was for climate change in December … Continue reading

That’s Africa

Last Wednesday night I tuned in to the ABC News24 coverage of the memorial service for Nelson Mandela expecting somber reverence or perhaps the kind of party that only Africans can do. I should have known it would be something else. The start was delayed by the requirement for every dignitary to make his or … Continue reading

Shed a tear

Everyone has written a eulogy for Nelson Mandela, I unashamedly shed a tear. I knew that he would pass away as we all must, but I did not expect to feel his passing as though he was my own kin. Sadness, loss, grief and loneliness boil away in my soul as though I had lost … Continue reading